Our farm is located in Vörösberény in the area of Balatonalmádi on a peaceful hill that is far from the noise of the town. The riding school was established to give our guest qualitative training. Most of our horses are Gidran horses and Lipizzai breeds that are our own breeding with high genetic value. The well-trained horses are calm and safe to ride on the school and also on the ground, for adults and children, too. The training is led by a skilled coach. We also have a Gidran stallion.


What makes us different from other local facilities is that here you can find a world which has almost disappeared. Namely, we keep those livestock that were in every households long ago. For animal lover adults and children it can be a fantastic experience. Probably there are many children that haven’t even seen these kinds of animals, here they can get to know them. The animals are gentle, you can caress them and feed them with the mix that is especially made for them.

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