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Horse riding

We have an outdoor school that is 20m by 40m with portable obstacles. The horses live in loose-boxes and also in a paddock. In the stables heated automatic fountains are installed. In this region there are several paths for cross-country riding with beautiful panorama. Our well trained horses are appropriate for amateur and advanced riders too. The training of beginners start with a half hour long riding on lunge line. The training and tours are held by Tóth Alexandra who is an educated agricultural engineer, stud farmer and riding coach. Most of our horses are our own breeding and we train them continuously to keep their level of knowledge up.

In every summer we organize training camps, evening horse riding and one or three day-long tours. We participate in events with riders and carriages. (Vintage and other parades, horse races)


Our farm organizes camps during the summer holidays for three years which can be residential or daycare. The first option is for advanced riders, they sleep in tents while the other is for younger children and beginners. The programs include daily two, minimum one-hour-long horse riding, a night riding, a one-day-long riding, bathing in the Lake Balaton, carriage driving, arts and crafts (on demand) and the camp is finished with a skill competition. Furthermore, the participants get to know the horses, they learn how to take care of them, to saddle and to feed them. If you want to, you can even milk a cow or a goat. The safe and high-standard vacation is provided by a skilled coach.

One and three day-long tours

These tours are organized in a way that every rider is given a horse on which they complete the tour. Since the whole route is completed on horseback we wait for the applications of experienced riders. During the tours that last for several days we take breaks more frequently before we reach our destination of the day. The fee includes the price of the accommodation, the food and a place for the horses. Inquire on phone or through e-mail.

Boarding stable

Primarily we consider the welfare and the health of the horses. If you place your trust in us and keep your horse at our place, your horse will be given: loose-box with heated automatic fountains, feeding with fodder two times a day and with hay three times a day, joint paddock, use of the outdoor school (20x40m) and of the saddle-room.

The newcomer horses have to have the followings which have to be shown before the transportation:

  • Horse passport
  • Worming 24-36 hours before the transportation
  • Valid compulsory vaccination
  • Drawing of blood within a year (glanders, anemia)


Shoeing by a skilled smith with great experience.
Contacts: Tamás Kovács +3630/4080799


Stallion: Déva Gidrán I-40 (Diabló)