Rules of the house

Rules of the horse riding

You must wear a helmet, but wearing a spine protector is also recommended. The arrangement of horses happens considering the needs and level of the rider, and the health condition of the horses. The arrangement can change, despite previous agreements. We measure the knowledge of new riders and accordingly form the following lessons. You must obey the coach. You must not smoke cigarette, chew gum or phone on the horse. You must not ride a horse after drinking alcohol.

The farm does not take responsibility for injuries,

Underage children need parental permission. The one at fault has to pay for any damage on the equipment or in the farm. The horses can be bound only to the appointed place with a halter. Give signals with sound to the horse when you approach it! Horses are naturally easy to frighten (they are prey animals) so the gentlest horse can cause injuries if it is scared. Always approach the horse from the side to the head then speak to it in a way that it can hear and see you. You must not feed the horses with sweets. You cannot bring out the horses from the paddock without permission. Keep the rules!

Rules of the other animals:

You cannot chase the animals, you can caress them if it comes close to you. To keep them healthy you cannot feed them with food that you bring, but you can give them the mix that we make here.