Other animals

You can find here: horse, cattle, hog, poultry (chicken, duck, turkey, guinea fowl), goat, mule, rabbit, dog, cat and their offsprings because every species have babies annually that is a great pleasure for the children. The goats are of alpine species, they were breed especially for milking. One goat can give 4,5 litres of milk every day from which we make cheese and ‘orda’. Our poultry is Italian that is a species with small bodies which grow up fast. Their eggs are unusual because they are totally white. We keep many of different colours and shade. Besides from them we have turkeys, ducks and guinea fowls. The rabbits are of dwarf and giant species. Our Hungarian Simmental cattle are calm and gentle, we raise them since the age of a suckling calf. The mule is really energetic and curious. He is the foal of a pony and a donkey so his final height won’t be much.